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Are You Ready to Live Life Richly?

My goal is to spark the motivation in each of you to look deep into your souls to identify why you are where you are today and help you make a decisions to get personal improvements accomplished.  The 3 key tenets are:

• Solid Personal and Family Financial Habits
• Making your financial life automatic
• Living everyday as an opportunity to better ourselves and make a difference

Please stop by frequently to read my and other’s blog posts. The possibilities are endless and together we’ll learn how to live life richly… I promise! -Barry

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Recent Blog Updates

How does UK Debt Management Differ?

In the UK debt management companies operate in a similar way to those in the US by offering debt help and advice, debt consolidation and Debt Management Plans. However, there is a difference in the way in which they are regulated. In the UK regulations are tight; debt management companies are licensed and usually follow [...]

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Your Future

The fact that you are here on this website trying to learn more about personal finance is a good start! There are the basics: developing a budget, living within your means, and having an emergency fund that could surve as a buffer if ever you lose your job, get a bill you were not expecting, fall [...]

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Rice and Beans, Beans and Rice

There is bad debt. There is also good debt. In today’s media laden world there are more and more financial experts proclaiming the only way to live life in this economy is to be debt free.  Hey, don’t get me wrong I happen to like much of what Dave Ramsey preaches about credit and debt [...]

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Is your credit score below 600?

If your credit score is less than 600 and you are looking to get a credit card, I suggest the HSBC Orchard card.  I have had several visitors who’s credit score was well below 600 that have been approved for the card.  One in particular was a person with a credit score of 520 and [...]

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