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Owning Your Personal Worth

I have spent years helping others learn how to get the best credit scores that they possibly can. This includes helping others build solid and ethical strategies for managing current and past debts. I have been involved in this effort since 1998 and from experience, I can say there is and will never be an end to the list of those who will need this help.

The mission of helping Americans with repairing and rebuilding of their credit has become quite procedural. Our strategies are tried and tested and best of all they ultimately work. The real issue I see is the predictable repeating of the behavior that has gotten us into the financial difficulties in the first place. Even if we get our credit scores improved and some old debts satisfied, we are most likely to lapse into the behavior that got us down the slippery path before. Unless we make heart felt decisions to make some behavior changes, we are doomed.

This impending doom is why I am very certain each of us need to address our personal worth. I would define personal worth as a being able to live life richly. It starts by having your personal and family financial business in order; every single day. In our world, we can make every aspect of our financial lives automatic! Examples of being automatic are having your pay checks deposited into your bank accounts or having your bills paid by bill pay service. And lastly we all need to live life abundantly! This does not mean living beyond your means by trying to keep up with the Joneses. It merely means that we can all find joy in the lives we have now and should each day take joy in what we do have.

So ultimately it is my goal to show you how you can live life richly. Want to get started? In 30 days you can experience a wonderful change in your life that soon will become the life you were meant to live.

Quick Start Plan
• Use CreditMania to help you in the rebuilding and repair process.
• You need several positive lines of credit even while repairing. • Reading assignment: Read Automatic Millionaire by David Bach
• Take the Pledge. Joe Tye’s Empowerment Pledge is a great affirmation for you each day.
• Remember, we are not just working on money issues; we are also working on you!
• Become involved in our Forums and share your progress and questions.

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