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2010 Resolution Check-Up

New Years Resolutions

Stay On Task In 2010

Like most folks I personally made a couple of New Years Resolutions to which I have kept at least one! Being that we just had daylight savings time I think it’s appropriate to use that date as a reminder to check in on those resolutions. How are you personally doing with yours?

In my case my resolution was reinforced by what I would classify as a wake-up call from God. On Dec 31st early in the morning I had some chest pains and numbness in my left arm. I felt very out of it and knew something wasn’t right. O woke up my wife and said this is it we need to go to the ER. Fortunately we are only about 10 minutes from the hospital and got my first taste of medical emergency care. I have never ever been hospitalized before. The good news is that with the help of the staff and doctors I was able to identify my condition and it was not a heart attack. Rather it is a rhythm issue that can be treated with medication. But my cardiologist shared with me what I already knew… lose weight, eat less fatty foods, and exercise regularly. And since those instructions I am focused on my resolution of getting healthier so that I may enjoy living life richly along with you folks! I don’t have a set goal but at this time I have lost about 20 pounds and certainly feel much better!

After three months into the 2010 can you say you are still committed and actively working your resolutions? Are you making sure to resolve something to improve for both your personal health and finances? As you know they do go hand in hand and impact how richly you live life today!

Feel free to make a comment to this post to share your progress or to publicly re-commit to your resolutions. I will help hold you accountable! But please don’t wait for a 6AM wake-up call from God to make your resolutions life saving actions!

I still struggle because I want this so bad!!

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D. I. Y. Health

Jay's RX from Hello Health

Taking care of your personal health is a key tenant of living life richly. We all need to take control of our health lives and Dr. Jay Parkinson has a great little prescription plan for all of us…

Do it yourself.

Most doctors prescribe pills, Dr. Parkinson prescribes empowerment. We spend less than an hour per year with our doctor—and 8,765 without. Fortunately, we live in the age of DIY. And now we have the tools to create a new health experience. Dr. Google is always there for us. We can connect with the 500 people in the country all living with the same rare illness. We can email our doctor or meet them by video chat. We can find the nearest farmer’s market with our iPhone. We can use the web to find fellow runners in our neighborhood. Living healthy is getting easier every day.

Imagine if your doctor, acting as your consultant, prescribed all these tools for you to be the most empowered CEO of your health. What if you paid your doctor for advice to keep you out of their office? What if we looked at protecting our own health the same way we look at protecting the environment? What if being healthy became a social, not just a personal, cause?

Empowerment is the best prevention.

Jay Parkinson is co-founder of Hello Health and founding partner
in Future Well, a new design firm architecting innovations in
health and wellness. (Reprinted from “What Matters Now”, by Seth Godin)

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Unplanned Destruction

NW Austin LAke Creek Beaver Damage

Willow Tree damage in NW Austin

I have this really cool urban wildlife area in Austin that I frequent to watch birds and other critters. This winter I am seeing signs of major Beaver activity which is not a bad thing unless you are a willow tree. Much of the creek bank is lined with these trees and are now under severe attack from the beavers. They use hese trees for cover and food. In grand scheme of things Beavers are usually kept in balance by other forces such as predators. I am not sure this is going to be the case. It may take some serious intervention from humans to help save the habitat from this unplanned destruction.

This same goes for our own personal worth lives. It only takes some minor changes to the balance of our lives to cause unplanned destruction. It is important that we are aware of all facets of our life so that we can notice these influences and become willing to address them quickly. Sometimes it might even be necessary to accept helps from other humans such friends, spouses, children, our co-workers, and professionals. Are there any forces causing unplanned destruction?

Take a look at these matters in your life today and make sure to stave off any negative influences.

  • Relationships
  • Faith
  • Servant hood
  • Physical Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Hobbies
  • Community Involvement

Keep these on a positive path and you’ll live life richly!

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Everyone Needs Purpose

The Amazing Bar-tailed Godwit

Purposeful Bird - The Bar-tailed Godwit

Everyone needs a purpose. A reason to exist is at our core. Many of us think of a purpose as something bigger than ourselves that will never be achieved. Or we think of it as an aspirational goal. It is more than that as it’s what makes up wake up each day and live life.

Each of us was born with the god given right to “happiness”. Not just the pursuit of it, but the free will to be happy. I look at our lives as a complicated pursuit of happiness that is achieved when and only when we have a sense of purpose. Our mission at Your Personal Worth is to help others achieve personal success through learning to live life richly. And we’re not just talking about money.

To use an example close to my heart let’s talk about the Bar-tailed Godwit. This is a shorebird that lives along the western coast of Alaska. My love for birds exposed me to this amazing species as I found an article on Cornell University’s web which describes the core purpose this bird possesses. I think the animal kingdom has a brilliantly defined purpose… eat, rest, breed, and survive. Maybe not all in that order but you get the gist. This particular Godwit has an amazing desire to do all four things and do them in such a manner that you and I would probably simply give up. You see they breed in Alaska in the summer and then are off to New Zealand for the winter. Their migratory path is one beyond the scope of comprehension. This bird flies non-stop over 7,000 miles at an altitude of two miles over the Pacific Ocean for 8 days! That’s an average speed of 35 miles an hour while bucking strong cross winds! Its sole purpose is achieved by this monumental physical event that it completes like clock work every fall. However, its return is not quite as dramatic but still entails flying up through the Southeast Asia islands and across the Bering Straits to its nesting grounds.

I like to use this amazing example when I am speaking with someone who’s feeling like they have no purpose. Or to those that feel like their current lives are challenging. The reality is most of us will never endure what the Bar-tailed Godwit does and the good news is we just simply need to take a step back and define our purpose. Even if it’s just eat, rest, breed, and survive!

Live Life Richly!

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