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Are you being tapped on the shoulder?


Black-crested Titmouse - How did he know what I was looking for?

Have you or are you being tapped on the shoulder? I firmly believe we all are given solutions to our problems when we really need them. And most of the time these solutions are found right under our noses. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about.

I am an avid amateur birder. I just started listing all of the birds I see over the last year and the list is growing. I am lucky to live in Texas where the species are prevalent in numbers and variety. One specie on my “need to see” list is the Golden-cheeked Warbler which is endangered and only resides in the Central Texas area. Where I live! So this week I set out to find this elusive bird.

I arrived at the park where it is known to nest and set foot down the trail. I really wasn’t sure what to look for but I had studied its song and was sure if it started singing I would recognize it right off. About ¼ mile down the trail I was stopped in my tracks by an active Tufted Titmouse that was chattering in a frenzy right over my head. I thought how nice to see this bird and watch it chatter away at me but heck I see this in my back yard. I ignored it and moved further ahead. But so did the Titmouse! He really seemed to want to get my attention. I decided to pay attention what was under my nose and watched the bird some more. I was still for a few minutes and it moved across the creek to a large cedar tree. Oh my god… the cedar was full of activity.

The prize! Golden-cheeked Warbler

There were over 7 different birds working the tree over for bugs and such, including a male Golden-cheeked Warbler! The sun had just risen and shone bright on the tree and he really looked brilliant. Fifteen minutes into my search for this bird and here I had found it… or had I been led to it? Sometimes the answers are right under our noses… if we take the time to notice it.

I am not always sure why folks read my blog posts, but I hope it’s for this same purpose. I hope I am able to be that conduit to solutions or at the very least to open your eyes to the solutions being presented to you. We all have concerns and or problems when it comes to matters of the wallet and heart. Don’t let simple solutions pass you by! Stay alert and open to help from the most unlikely sources! It’s likely my network of websites are probably a good start for you.

Good luck and Happy Easter!

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