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Summer Vacation Plans – Start Now

Relaxing Vacation in the Sun

Relaxation is a good vacation goal

Spring has just about sprung!

It’s now the perfect time to begin planning your summer vacation. Planning far in advance allows you the time to be flexible and save actual cash for the expenses. How stressful is it to go on a vacation and use credit cards for the whole thing, then knowing it will take years to pay for it? Or that your vacation actually will in the long run cost you 20% more than budgeted because you are carrying it on the high interest plastic. Start saving a portion of your weekly/bi-weekly paycheck to help cover these expenses and you’ll be happier in the long haul for it. Oh by the way, now is the time to lock in some vacation dates at work too. Don’t be the last to ask for the 4th of July off when everyone else has already done so!

For me, I love to travel. I want to travel more but somehow it just doesn’t seem to work out at this time. But in reality some of the best vacations don’t require traveling very far! Stay-cations are the affordable excuses to pretend you are tourist in your own area. It really can be ultra relaxing rediscovering the many wonderful reasons you live where you live today. There are many sights and local attractions to see. All you need to do is go online and enter your city or area in Google and “boom” there’s all kinds of opportunity with stick pins on the map!

Whatever you do don’t be tempted to over indulge during the actual vacation. Stay to your plan and budget and use cash! If you do, you are on your way to learning how to live life richly today! Happy Relaxation!

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