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Fix or Repair Credit Gets Bad Reputation

Trusted Suggestions

One of the biggest misconceptions we all face is that credit repair is bad. The truth is, when done by rules and letter of the law, repairing and fixing your credit is perfectly legal. And when you consider that 50-70% of all credit reports in the United States are inaccurate, something has to be done! Yes, there are scoundrels and credit repair firms out there touting services that are very illegal. A couple obvious key things to remember are that you cannot just simply apply for a new social security number or may not just hire someone to delete information on your credit files. If a person or firm touts this as their solution, then you most assuredly are dealing with extremely bad credit repair practices.

As an expert teaching credit repair, I am often lumped into the same category as the certain sub-cultures that exist on the Internet. For example, all strategies that I make available to you are above board and are simple steps you can take as an individual to repair credit on your own. You know by now that there are online firms out there that will charge you hundreds and thousands of dollars to send off some letters to credit reporting agencies for you when you can actually do this yourself with as good as or better results. But these “for hire” folks are apt to be the ones that give the credit repair process a bad reputation. They are also the sources of internet scare tactics about doing things yourself. Claiming because you are not an expert or attorney you might actually cause some legal action or credit score damage.

In dealing with repairing credit you are always going to have the possibility of creating additional problems. Be assured none will be worse than what you already have experienced. For example if you begin to dispute an old debt you may very well ignite the possibility of a lawsuit to collect. A majority of the time collectors are not playing hard ball unless the amount outstanding is very significant and they feel you have means to make the payment! Ultimately, starting the dispute process will at least start the process for a resolution even if the final result is bankruptcy on your part.

Finally, I only suggest methods that are fully legal and common methods afforded to us by the laws of the land. It is wonderful to have the power of the law on your side. Remember, when dealing with credit reporting agencies, you need the law behind you. Without it, they would not concern themselves with the accuracy of your reports. The credit bureaus must present fully accurate reports on each of you, and unless you initiate complaints of inaccuracy, the bureau could care less. So let me stress that on my blog and website you will not find any illegal credit repair advice or methods of debt management. I’ll leave that to the scammers and scoundrels and will warn about such scams with periodic alerts. Above all, I will keep on defending your rights as a consumer to have a clear and accurate report of your credit history. Nothing you find here will leave you feeling repair credit is bad and should be avoided.

Take control of your situation by teaching yourself how to repair your own credit and move forward with a new confidence!

Live Life Richly Today My Friends

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