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Which Creditor pulls from each Credit Reporting Agency?

This is absolutely the most asked question I get from visitors!

What credit reporting agencies are used by which creditors?

Many moons ago the banks used to isolate the credit file pulls/checks to regional providers near where applicants live. But with today’s low cost tri-merged files available to creditors, they are now tending to pull the tri-merge and go with the average or middle score. So if you are were Trans Union 640 – Experian 700 – Equifax 660, then likely 660 would be the score used for the decision.

With recent personal and member audits and investigations I think it’s not going to be easy to just isolate a single credit reporting agency partnered exclusively to any one credit card bank or lender. Keep in mind that the only possibility is a soft inquiry to a CRA that might result in a proactive credit card offer to a consumer as yourself. To that end it’s vital to always keep a high score with one of your credit reporting agencies.

The Creditmaniacs have been helping me keep a list of creditor/CRA combinations and this database is not 100% accurate for each of us. But it is a good starting place. Check it out here… CRA LIST.

Wish I had better news… live life richly today my friends!

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