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State Statutes of Limitations for Expired Debts

When dealing with an old debt, it’s important to know your limits!

Once a debt passes beyond the statute of limitation in your state, a debt collector no longer has the right to sue you for payment. You may still have a moral obligation to pay back an old, forgotten debt, but you can’t be sued over it. Any debt collector who threatens to sue you over a debt that is beyond the statute of limitation in your state is in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Keep in mind in most states the clock starts once the date of last activity is recorded. Such as last actual payment.

The chart below offers a state-by-state roundup of statutes of limitations for delinquent credit card debts which considered open accounts. For a complete list of all debt types please go to my website at and signup for the free letter pack. In the pack is the special SOL file for you to print out and keep for your reference.

Statute of Limitations by State

SOL for all 50 States

Click Photo Above to See Larger Version

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