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Turn Your Passion or Hobby into Income

Isn’t free enterprise a wonderful concept? People need things and they will gladly pay for these things. That’s called “demand”. Conversely there are people out there that identify these demands and create “supply” to fulfill them. These suppliers receive money from the demanders and thus a thriving economy is created. How simply wonderful is this?

Turn your hobby into money

Turn your hobby into a second income!

Reality is that most of us work from 8-5 every day for a company that is in the supply or services business to meet market demands. And many of us are simply looking for these jobs as the current recession has taken its sad toll. So it’s not surprising that we are all looking for ways to save or make money. I personally like the novel idea of making money from ones hobby. It could certainly be a sole source or second source of income for you!

What I do feel is if you leverage what you are passionate about and make money at the same time, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. My challenge to you today is have you take a moment to reflect on your hobby or focus on what you love to do. Is it something that you could provide as a service or product to someone else?
My suggestion is if you look closely you can create a powerful plan to make money!

Just to help the juices flowing I am going to give you a few examples:

  • Sell on EBay – Are you saving that junk in the attic for a rainy day? Walk around the house and do some cleaning and find expendables and begin selling on EBay.
  • Sell on Craig’s List – Ditto above. But you can sell larger ticket items locally and usually fetch higher selling price.
  • Become a personal assistant – Example: – There are allot of companies out there that have a bullpen of personal assistants that help clients with tasks. they can be anywhere from creating PowerPoint presentations to booking travel plans. If you are organized… why not help others?
  • Become a freelancer – Example: Visit this example site to sign-up and become a freelancer in he field of expertise that yo love. For instance do you love to write and edit? Why not become a freelance editor for a group of blogger like myself?
  • Become a mentor or coach in your hobby field – I love birding. I wold love nothing more than to get involved in taking tour groups out into the remote parts of the world to take photos of rarities. Getting paid for something you love is a dream job!
  • Turn junk into treasure - Do you love to shop garage sales? Why not make money at it and accumulate those bargains and resell them on EBay or the flea market?
  • Help friends and family with chores – Do you love clean house or mow lawns? Why not make an offer to others to help them with such chores for a small fee?
  • Make meals for busy professionals and their families - Cooking is another of my passions. I fantasize about the dream kitchen so I can play chef! If you love to cook then you have the perfect income stream. We’re all too busy to prepare healthy good meals and rely on fast food too much. Now is the time to offer your home cooking at a reasonable price and you’ll be grilling chicken breasts all the way to the bank!
  • Give lessons – I hope this is an obvious suggestion. Anyone want to teach me guitar or scrap booking? How about fixing my golf swing or bowling motion? Can you give me a crash course on Facebook? You get the idea.
  • Sell your arts and crafts – If you are not already then you need to start now. Get your works of art out there and in no time you’ll be cashing checks with pride.

You see in a few short paragraphs I have identified many ways to create extra money or even a second income. Working nights and weekends could also turn into a full time job! But by then you wouldn’t call it a job would you? It would be a career of love!

Just to be safe, be sure to consult an accountant or bookkeeper to address any taxable income concerns.

Live life richly today my friends!

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