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2010 Resolution Check-Up

New Years Resolutions

Stay On Task In 2010

Like most folks I personally made a couple of New Years Resolutions to which I have kept at least one! Being that we just had daylight savings time I think it’s appropriate to use that date as a reminder to check in on those resolutions. How are you personally doing with yours?

In my case my resolution was reinforced by what I would classify as a wake-up call from God. On Dec 31st early in the morning I had some chest pains and numbness in my left arm. I felt very out of it and knew something wasn’t right. O woke up my wife and said this is it we need to go to the ER. Fortunately we are only about 10 minutes from the hospital and got my first taste of medical emergency care. I have never ever been hospitalized before. The good news is that with the help of the staff and doctors I was able to identify my condition and it was not a heart attack. Rather it is a rhythm issue that can be treated with medication. But my cardiologist shared with me what I already knew… lose weight, eat less fatty foods, and exercise regularly. And since those instructions I am focused on my resolution of getting healthier so that I may enjoy living life richly along with you folks! I don’t have a set goal but at this time I have lost about 20 pounds and certainly feel much better!

After three months into the 2010 can you say you are still committed and actively working your resolutions? Are you making sure to resolve something to improve for both your personal health and finances? As you know they do go hand in hand and impact how richly you live life today!

Feel free to make a comment to this post to share your progress or to publicly re-commit to your resolutions. I will help hold you accountable! But please don’t wait for a 6AM wake-up call from God to make your resolutions life saving actions!

I still struggle because I want this so bad!!

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