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Matters of the Wallet and Sleep Aids

According to research firm GFK Roper, more than 2 out 3 Americans are losing sleep worrying about their finances. And more than 1 in 5 over credit card bills alone.

This is staggering data and yet it is so true! Isn’t it scary how much or health issues are related to financial woes? If we would simply address our matters of the wallet head on and stop avoiding solutions we could all live life more richly. We could get more rest which our bodies require on a daily basis.

If you are losing sleep because of worry about personal finances please resolve to adopt an action plan to solve the problem. If you need help there are plenty of resources available. You can seek help online in various venues including right here or at our sister website CreditMania where we have solutions for most debt and credit problems.

I firmly believe if you take control of the matters of wallet you will have discovered a powerful sleep aid!

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