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Everyone Needs Purpose

The Amazing Bar-tailed Godwit

Purposeful Bird - The Bar-tailed Godwit

Everyone needs a purpose. A reason to exist is at our core. Many of us think of a purpose as something bigger than ourselves that will never be achieved. Or we think of it as an aspirational goal. It is more than that as it’s what makes up wake up each day and live life.

Each of us was born with the god given right to “happiness”. Not just the pursuit of it, but the free will to be happy. I look at our lives as a complicated pursuit of happiness that is achieved when and only when we have a sense of purpose. Our mission at Your Personal Worth is to help others achieve personal success through learning to live life richly. And we’re not just talking about money.

To use an example close to my heart let’s talk about the Bar-tailed Godwit. This is a shorebird that lives along the western coast of Alaska. My love for birds exposed me to this amazing species as I found an article on Cornell University’s web which describes the core purpose this bird possesses. I think the animal kingdom has a brilliantly defined purpose… eat, rest, breed, and survive. Maybe not all in that order but you get the gist. This particular Godwit has an amazing desire to do all four things and do them in such a manner that you and I would probably simply give up. You see they breed in Alaska in the summer and then are off to New Zealand for the winter. Their migratory path is one beyond the scope of comprehension. This bird flies non-stop over 7,000 miles at an altitude of two miles over the Pacific Ocean for 8 days! That’s an average speed of 35 miles an hour while bucking strong cross winds! Its sole purpose is achieved by this monumental physical event that it completes like clock work every fall. However, its return is not quite as dramatic but still entails flying up through the Southeast Asia islands and across the Bering Straits to its nesting grounds.

I like to use this amazing example when I am speaking with someone who’s feeling like they have no purpose. Or to those that feel like their current lives are challenging. The reality is most of us will never endure what the Bar-tailed Godwit does and the good news is we just simply need to take a step back and define our purpose. Even if it’s just eat, rest, breed, and survive!

Live Life Richly!

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