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Protect Your Brand

Improve Your Brand

What's Your Brand?

Whether you like it or not you have a brand. How you’re described by your friends, family, and significant others is your personal brand. Brand recognition is not just reserved for products and services, but it also applies to you and it’s very important to understand how your brand is viewed by others. You must take the steps to protect and improve upon it.

One of the key ingredients in your brand is your personal finances. Especially your credit and credit history. Please know that potential employers, home sellers, apartment renters, and many others check up on your brand by running a credit check on you. So you can’t afford to ignore this part of your finances.

Take ownership of your brand and others will respect and honor you for it! If credit issues plague you then please own up to them and take positive action to correct them. There are no quick fixes but I have found over the years it takes perseverance and determination on your part to succeed. My sister website is a good resource for starters and I am always open to answering questions myself. Good luck on your brand improvement journey!

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