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Selling or Exchanging Gift Cards

I don’t know if you are like me but this Christmas I received several gift cards and certainly gave a few as well!  I think this is a growing trend for sure!

Given this popularity I was wondering was if there’s a simple way to trade or sell these plastic morsels.  Granted  the restaurant cards I received are all wonderful and will be used.  But I wanted to share with the blog world simple steps you can take with the unwanted cards just in case you’d like to sell, cash-out, or trade.

Of course you can use to advertise your gift cards and seek to barter or sell them.  I’m always amazed how well CL works but want to also make an important cautionary note that secure public locations are the only reasonable places to make exchanges or deals.  It only makes sense right?

Some of the cooler online options:

Plastic Jungle Screenshot

Sell Gift Cards Online - Plastic Jungle and  These are websites that allow you to sell or trade your cards for credits or cash.  Be aware there are fees involved, but if you have a gift card from Victoria’s Secret and your name is Fred, you probably won’t mind the fee I’m guessing.   At they claim to pay up to 92% of card value and have cards to buy at 30% discounts.  Not too bad for a few online clicks. 

If you are more into swapping cards then you can try or  GCS will let you swap out gift cards whereas CH will use social networks such as Facebook to connect you with other card swappers to help you do some gift card exchanging.  Much like StubHub that allows you to trade event tickets. 

As you can see there are a lot of options for you these days when it comes to gift card remorse. 

Finally, I hope you find this information useful and please leave a comment on how your deal went!  Did you get what you expected?  Can you personally recommend one of these websites?  Happy trading!

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