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Bad Credit – Moving Past the Shame

If you have perfect credit then most likely you own a great sense of personal worth.  You can pretty much write your own financial ticket if you wish.  I believe that folks with great credit deserve to feel such high esteem as it’s not easy to keep awesome credit in today’s economy and material world.  But then again many with positive credit might also be dealing with high debt loads that could also be accompanied by some shame of sorts.

If you have bad credit then most likely you have a very negative sense of personal worth.   In fact, in today’s society you may mentally portray yourself as a deadbeat and be ashamed of your financial life.  Is this how you feel?  

Whichever case you are in it’s always very important me to affirm where you are and tell yourself that you are amongst millions in the same place. There is nothing to be ashamed for in today’s society.  Those of you with great credit and high debt loads need to put  a plan in place to make sure you are paying down that debt in a timely fashion while protecting your high credit scores.  For those of you with bad, poor, or no credit it will be very important you deal with any shame or fear you have about your situation.  Read on my friends and consider this…

 Fico Inc. says that over 43 million Americans have credit scores under 599.  Do you hear that?  YOU are not alone!  Say this out loud! “I am not alone!” 

Chain Breaking

Break loose from shame of bad credit.

Of course there are many paths of entry into this sub-prime credit world and I don’t think it’s important for me to share with you all of the possibilities.  What I do want to call to your attention is that you must figure out for yourself what brought you to this point.  In order to move on to better credit there will have to be a lot of hard work.  And sometimes the hardest work is just identifying and owning up to the factors that have led to your current credit situation.   From my own personal experience I know my financial life was pretty much shaped by what I learned from my family and by my father in particular.  This may not be the same for you but once you figure it out it will become freeing knowledge for you.  For me it was a chance to break a cycle of financial dysfunction.  I love my family but I had to do things differently to get ahead of the game and create a positive sense of personal worth.

So please take time to reflect on how you learned the skill handling your money and what are the circumstances that created your bad credit profile.  Write it down.  Share it with someone.  Own up to it.  Forgive yourself!  These are lessons learned so please learn from them.

Warning!  If you skip forgiving yourself first then the shame and fear will linger and continue to be baggage.  Your financial pitfalls with be recycled so you must deal with self-forgiveness first.  Why not write a comment on this article to proclaim your financial past and present along with a note of forgiveness to yourself?  It will remove the weight on your shoulders and propel you forward in making the decision to repair your past mistakes.  This I challenge you to do this today! 

I have been coaching folks through these sort of situations since 1998 and in most cases these persons are paralyzed by the secret shame that is controlling their lives.  Living with this unnecessary shame is no way to live.  Each of you deserve to live richly today but you’ll need to define what that means for you.  So I encourage you to start off by facing your bad credit head on.  You should know it really is a gift that we have the opportunity in America to fix and or repair our credit no matter how bad it is!  It’s never too late or too much!

To wrap it up you may be asking where to start fixing your bad credit?  It’s simple.  Start with some personal confession plus forgiveness.  If you boldy cast off the chains shame the rest of the journey will be a blast!  I promise.

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