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The Credit Report Dispute Process

 In order to have false, outdated, or incorrect items removed from your credit file expeditiously, we use the rights granted us under The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). You have the right to dispute any items that are incorrect. This is our protection from creditors running amok with our credit history.  The power is achieved through the use of our Credit Report Dispute Letter.

Credit File Dispute Process

This is where the rubber meets the road. You need to take each of your credit files and look it over carefully and highlight where there are errors.  The items you highlight will be where you begin composing your first credit report dispute letters. We always recommend you use printed or hand written letters when using the dispute process.  On we have an example for you to follow and highly recommend you rewrite them in your own words.

Its best if you use handwriting on a legal pad or use your home computer if that is easier. It used to be that if you use a computer, you are more likely to appear to be using a credit repair company and will probably be handled with delay tactics such as, labeling your dispute frivolous.   This is not the case any longer.  The volumes of online and offline disputes are immense and there is little attention paid to method of writing.

We do recommend that you stay away from using the phone to make disputes or the online dispute forms provided by the credit reporting agencies. This sounds like working or cheating the system. But in reality we are once again stating rights that the Federal Trade Commission affords everyone. The right to dispute errors. The rules are on your side so please act on them.

Beware we know there is a Moral Dilemma as this process can lead to consumers using the laws afforded them to seek legitimate information being removed from their credit files. I know this is often a moral and ethical dilemma that must be evaluated by each consumer personally. Understanding and accepting circumstances, along with the fact that even in our world today, most people are afforded a second chance, I am making this information available to all who need help with their credit history.  Ultimately we do not condone the use of this information in a fraudulent manner. Be responsible and you will succeed.

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