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Fast Stop to Collection Calls from Creditors

I have been recently working with a visitor to who was looking for help in stopping the constant harassing calls from collectors. It had recently gotten so bad that they were receiving upwards of 50 calls per day. Mostly calls from Robo-Dialers that never really left any messages on their answering machine but started the annoying ringing at 8AM and lasted till 9PM. Having found my website in frustration they reached out to me for help with a quick strategy to address this immediate situation. I learned they had some finances available to get bills caught up but not enough to retire some doctor bills that were piling up. I’m outlining below what was used as a strategy that resulted in phone calls going from almost 50 per day to less than 5 almost overnight. I would call that powerful!

If you find yourself in this collections trap please consider using this post as plan to get your road to recovery started. The couple who used this method has agreed to allow me to share a letter they used to make final and partial payments on several accounts and now say the creditors are being very receptive. Where the creditor is not calling off the third party collections agency they will be sending the cease and desist letter that can be found on

Step 1 – Get Organized
You’ll need to collect all of your account information. Past due bills or online statements that show where you owe your money. Make a list of these accounts and make sure to investigate if you can pay them online. Online pay is preferable for quick results. Once you make an online payment to retire a balance or even get caught up on late pays the Robo-Dialer will stop calling. There are automatic triggers that tell the computer dialers to call you once you are late or past due on many credit accounts. Use the online system to your advantage.

Step 2 – Budget Analysis
You’ll need to see what extra money in your budget you have to start paying on the outstanding debts. You want to make sure to retire the easy to pay small balances first. Then focus on larger bills that may take more time to pay off. Either way you may need to go on a spending diet in the short term to make this work for you. Example used by the couple above was less eating out and other entertainment spending. Sacrifices will bear positive results so don’t be afraid to give up something to gain peace of mind.

Step 3 – Make the Payments
Okay you have a kitty of bill pay money allocated for this strategy. You will start with the items you can pay online. Many bills can be paid online today and offer great ways to track proof of payments so start there. Then on those with larger balances where you need to set up payment plans use the USPS mail and feel free to use the example letters below. Once your payments are authorized online for instance, the collection calls should stop immediately. If they don’t I would suggest making call to their customer service. There is nothing to fear in calling them at this point as you have made payment to them and should now expect the calls to stop. Demand them to stop calling you.

Step 4 – Follow Through
Where you are asking for payment plans from your creditors be sure to follow through with the payments. This is a second chance to make right your debts and clear up your credit history. It’s very easy to get into this situation and not easy to get out. Once out you should never want to experience that again. So make it your resolution to follow this plan through and through until you owe nobody! That is financial freedom at its best.

Attached: Two Example Letters
Stop The Calls – Make Payments

Stop The Calls – Make Payments V2

Link: CreditMania Cease and Desist Letter (Join our Family of Users to get the entire pak!)

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  1. llc says:

    Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

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